Saturday, December 09, 2006

Recipe for an Apology

Sorry gals! It's been a little hectic here, and I've got to be somewhere in an hour! And I'll be gone all day (mostly). So, hopefully you are all able to find a recipe for enchiladas... they're pretty basic and similar wherever you look. Oh, and I hope you were all ok with the pizza last night, too... To tell you the truth, the past two nights we've used our cop-out meal replacements, so I haven't even made what I posted! Hopefully you've resorted to your substitute meals, too. Anyway, sorry to do this to y'all. But I'll post the recipes as soon as I can, maybe later tonight or tomorrow.

If you're freaking out or panicking, then write me a frantic comment or something and I'll do my best to get the respective recipes posted today! Take courage dears and I'll be back!

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