Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Forced Shopping List, Part I

I had this brilliant idea that I would just delay-post every meal and recipe that I had for this month, but it's not working. So I've decided to post my shopping list for those few of you who are interested. This is just the first trip, so I'll be posting another one when we go shopping again. But this should get you through the 18th (hopefully). Sorry it's a little late as it should have been posted with my Meals for the Month post.

Disclaimer: some items that may be required in the recipes may be missing from this list. But you will most likely have it on hand already. And I will have the posts up the very morning they're due, in case you need to make a quick grocery run. Hopefully I'll get the bugs worked out of this "system" and it will get better each and every time! Thanks for your patience! And don't forget to add to it for your own family needs (like cereal, milk, etc.) and refer to my shopping tips- then add/subtract whatever you do/don't need on this list.

-onions (W- if you use them all the time like we do)
-potatoes; 1 small bag
-lettuce (W)
-sweet onion
-broccoli; 2-3 lbs
-bell peppers - red & green
-mushrooms; 3 packs, but be careful, they don't keep very well. Buy them a day or two before the recipe that calls for them. Or you can get canned mushrooms to save you the trouble. They just won't taste as good, but they are cheaper...

Canned/dried goods:
-peanut butter
-13 bean soup mix
-green chilis
-diced tomatoes with green chilis
-1 large can tomato sauce
-1 large and 1 small can of diced tomatoes
-pizza/spaghetti sauce

Frozen foods:
-veggies, stir fry mix (W) and traditional mix

-vanilla yogurt
-eggs (W)
-chees; mozzarella and/or cheddar (W)
-sour cream
-Velveeta/processed cheese

-Chicken, frozen/skinless/boneless (W)
-ground meat; 3 lbs

-Hamburger buns
-corn tortillas

-Soy sauce and/or teriyaki sauce
-taco seasoning
-bacon/bacon bits (W)
-salsa (W- if you like a lot, like I do)
-corn bread muffin mix
-hot sauce; Red Frank's
-bread crumbs
-olive oil (W)

(W) = Warehouse (Costco) items


Summers Camp said...

In case any of you have even looked at this and considered using it, I've added bread crumbs and olive oil to the shopping list.

pastafor5 said...

I wanted to try to do this this month, but I'm running out of time to do major shopping. So I will aim for next month. But I like getting the tips and recipes. Somebody should hire you to be their chef!

Summers Camp said...

I've also added processed cheese to the list... sorry for all the craziness!