Sunday, December 10, 2006

Coming Soon to a Kitchen Near You

Ok, I'm going to try to delay post one more time. I think what will happen is that the posts will come out the very day I publish them, but they will be time stamped in order to correspond with the Meals for the Month list. Hopefully, since these next few weeks are bound to be busy for us all, this will help to have everything already laid out. Then I don't have to scramble to make sure a recipe is up it will just already be there, and you won't have to stress about what to make (if you are following the guide... I honestly don't know who out there is even trying this!). And another thing, this way you can go ahead and create your own shopping list for the second trip this month, since all of the recipes should be posted. That way you can give my shopping tips a whirl and see what works best for you. I will try my best to get the rest of this month's recipes all out in the next few days, by the end of this week at least. And remember, if you have decided to use my shopping list for the first half of this month, you should have everything you need to get through the 18th or so.

All right, that's enough of a long-winded explanation! Please give me some feedback on all of this: on recipes, on tips, on shopping lists or plans, etc. I like feeling like I'm not the only one here! Thanks everyone and happy cooking!

PS- I'll start tomorrow (Monday)... first, because I'm a classic procrastinator and secondly, we've got to get to bed at a decent time (for once this week) so that we can get up nice and early, to help Brad study for his third final tomorrow. Ah, good times.

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