Friday, July 17, 2015

Simplified Food Storage Plan

For some reason I felt like I needed to make my meal plan more simple.  The one I've come up with uses less overall ingredients and in my mind is easier to purchase, store and transport as needed.  This new plan call for a single breakfast option, a single lunch option, and four weeks' worth of soups/stews for dinner.  Like I said, very simple!  Especially when compared to my previous 3 month plan.  But I feel good about it, and I can add diversity once I've got the basics figured out :)

Breakfast is oatmeal.  I plan on eventually drying different kinds of fruit to "spice things up a bit" so we don't get bored eating the same thing every day...  I also would like to add some dehydrated eggs to our storage so that on occasion we can have some scrambled eggs for breakfast.

Lunch is beans and rice.  Kind of boring, but it'll do.  I also will be storing some peanut butter and flour, in case I'm able to make some bread for sandwiches, etc.  Plus a spoonful of nut butter is a great snack and could be used to either bulk up a meal or eaten in between meals when hungry.

As for dinner, here's what I have planned:

T: yellow curry soup w/ coconut biscuits
W: potato soup w/ loaf of bread
Th: minestrone soup w/ breadsticks
Sa: leftovers w/ muffins
Su: beef stew w/ loaf of bread

M: tortilla soup w/ cornbread
W: corn chowder w/ loaf of bread
Th: French onion soup w/ breadsticks
Sa: leftovers w/ muffins
Su: chicken/turkey & rice soup w/ loaf of bread

M: taco soup w/ cornbread
T: cashew carrot ginger soup w/ coconut biscuits
W: broccoli soup w/ loaf of bread
Th: pizza stoup w/ breadsticks
Sa: leftovers w/ muffins
Su: clam chowder w/ loaf of bread

M: creamy enchilada soup w/ cornbread
T: mung bean soup w/ coconut biscuits
W: pumpkin soup w/ loaf of bread
Th: ravioli bisque w/ breadsticks
F: kielbasa/jambalaya w/ cornbread
Sa: leftovers w/ muffins
Su: chicken noodle soup w/ loaf of bread

Shopping list and recipes coming soon!  *B

FSP Weeks 11-13

Sorry for the suuuuper long and unplanned hiatus!  But life happens and plans change ;) With only a few more weeks to go, I felt like I was going about this all wrong; that I needed to simplify.  But for anyone else who is interested in the rest of my 3 month food storage meal plan, here it is:

M: Taco Soup
T: Pot Stickers or Egg Rolls
W: Stuffed Potatoes
Th: Tortellini Alfredo
F: Swedish Beef w/ Rice
Sa: cold cereal

M: Chicken Tacos
T: Beef & Broccoli
W: Biscuits & Gravy
Th: Seafood Lasagna Rolls
F: Chicken Burgers
Sa: cold cereal
Su: Ravioli Soup

M: Empanadas
T: Bourbon Chicken
W: Shepherd's Pie (Borgia)
Th: Quinoa Pizza Bites
F: Beef Stroganoff
Sa: cold cereal
Su: Crab/Salmon Crepes

As for breakfast, lunch and snacks:

M: Oatmeal
T: Egg Scramble
W: Rice Porridge
Th: Quiche
F: Overnight Oats
Sa: Egg Scramble
Su: Granola

1. Chicken/Tuna Salad
2. Tortilla Roll-ups
3. Beans on Toast
4. Muffin/Cookie
5. AB & Honey
6. PB & Jam
7. Leftovers

1. Crackers w/ Hummus
2. Granola/Protein Bar
3. Muffin/Cookie
4. Fruit/Veggies
5. Smoothie
6. Trail Mix
7. Popcorn

Sorry, no shopping list!  I'll update with recipes when I can.  *B