Monday, October 04, 2010

this week's plan: 10/4 - 10/10

Hello my few and faithful taste-testers!  It's October!?!  I was just getting used to August being over... Wait a second.  It's Monday???  Well then, let's just pretend it's still Sunday ;)

Mexican Monday: build-your-own quesadillas
Oriental Tuesday: Panang Perfection with tofu chicken, veggies and brown jasmine rice
Twisted Wednesday: baked potatoes and chili pancakes
Authentic Thursday: spaghetti and "meat" balls
TGIFriday: sloppy joe-schmoes, spiced sweet-potato fries, and blueberry smoothies
Super Saturday: date night at Chipotle (yay for gift cards!)
Special Sunday: to be determined

Upcoming recipes: Panang Perfection, how to cook/like tofu, "meat" balls (since I didn't get to them last week), blueberry smoothies, and hopefully some pumpkin-spice muffins/cookies.  And of course, a smattering of suggestions ;) Also, stay tuned for a super fun and festive giveaway!  *B

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