Saturday, October 09, 2010

sloppy joe-schmoe variations

Of the less meaty kind!  Oh, these still have plenty of meat...  Just less of it. You can make these like you would combo tacos.  Just omit the taco seasoning.  Or, you can make them with 1 part ground beef, 1 part ground turkey, and 1 part cooked wild rice (brown rice would be fine, too).  Cook the rice in beef broth for extra flavor.  I made the rice variation just last night, and there were no complaints from the man-fan(s) o' meat.  You might want to make them less sweet, too.  Just tinker with the brown sugar until it suits your taste buds.  And you can always sneak more veggies in ;)  You can dice up some zucchini, or mushrooms, and cook them right alongside the red bell pepper.  You can even try reducing the tomato sauce by half, and substituting the rest with some sweet potato puree.  The possibilities are endless!  Be creative and have fun.  Because being healthy is just that.  *B

original recipe here

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