Thursday, January 11, 2007

Wait Just a Second...

I had wanted to do this earlier, way earlier. I realize it’s been a long time since my last post, and in all honesty, the crème de la crème of holidays has passed. But I wanted to talk a bit about my family’s traditions surrounding food, since this is a site dedicated to food!

My maiden name is Borgia, which most of you know. No, it’s not French, it’s Italian. And although I may only be ¼ Italian and don’t even look it, I am proud of it and I take it to the extreme! All of us Borgias do! ;)

Every Christmas I hear stories of my great-grandmother’s feasts, and how it’s changed over the years. Back then, prospective additions to the family were measured according to how many raviolis you could eat! But I grew up with relatively simple spreads in comparison. Christmas Eve we have Italian Sausages, with homemade marinara, of course. We also have an anti pasta platter and a few families over to share in the goodness. And Christmas morning we’d sit on the stairs munching on sfincies, Italian drop-doughnuts made with sourdough and coated in powdered sugar. But Christmas day is the coup de grace: homemade raviolis, which are prepared a couple of weeks before and left to adorn our kitchen until the big day when they’re cooked. Sometimes we’d stick them in the fridge or freezer if we wanted our room back, but the only place we really wanted them was in our bellies! Mmmmmm.

Brad’s family did things a little differently, but just as special and memorable to him and his kin. Brad comes from a German lineage, which I’ll talk about more on our family site (when I talk about the rest of our traditions besides food). His family has a big get together with several friends and neighbors on Christmas Eve where his mom serves up taco soup with Frito chips. Don’t forget the chips (my mistake)! Christmas day is then filled with cold cereal from their stockings (a treat in the Summers family) for breakfast with the rest of the day spent munching on goodies they’ve received. Whatever is easiest for mom is their motto!

Now on with the show!

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