Sunday, January 14, 2007

Hold Your Spatulas!

It's not yet "Sunday, January 14, 2007." But I've got the meals for the month, shopping list, and this week's meals all lined up. Hence, our time-shift.

Before you go checking out this month’s meal plans, I must tell you that we are on a diet. Gasp! No seriously, I’ve gotten lazy with my cooking so I’m taking it to the next level in healthy! Besides, Brad got P90X for Christmas (he asked for it, honest!) and you have to follow the nutrition guidelines, which makes sense to me, for obvious reasons. I’m quite satisfied with this program because it’s no quick fix, easy guide; it’s a lifestyle change. It tells the truth and the truth is you need to eat well to live well.

The nutrition guide is surprisingly similar to what I came up with when I worked on a weight management program for the Wellness Center my senior year at BYU-Idaho (pregnant and all!). I was in charge of the nutrition aspect of weight management and well, I guess great minds think alike! Anyway, we’re following what’s called the portion approach and I spent some time creating meals that would incorporate all the required servings for each food group by the end of the day.

I don’t know if many- or if any- of you are at all interested in all of this, but I have posted my 4-6 versions of meal plans, which includes breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner (The Not-So-Dreadful Diet). I’m doing this so I have a record of it stored online for information backup purposes. But if anyone is interested in how we’re eating or would like to try some of these healthy meals, feel free. What’s more, all the dinners are worked out so that they will fit with our family’s new needs (satisfying daily requirements, etc.) AND will work for you and your families. You are more than welcome to make changes, if you’re not feeling like wheat pasta, etc. But trust me, I hate gross food as much as the rest of you! So this stuff will taste good, I promise!

Wish us luck! And good luck to you if you choose to follow!

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