Saturday, January 20, 2007

It's Updatin' Time!

It's not yet "Saturday, January 20, 2007." Ok, so you probably all know that I try to have the meals posted by the week. Since I date them according to the plan, it gets a little confusing at times when trying to navigate your way through this site. So I will post this exact post each time I update a week's meals.

The purpose of this post, the very one you're reading, is to give you the links you might need for that week. And this very post will also be updated each time I re-post it, and will be removed from its former location.

Who knows if that really makes much sense when reading it, but it is typed and done. Hope this helps... Heck, I hope any of this helps (not just this particular post)!!!

Helpful Links:

Meals for the Month (January)
Shopping List (January, part I)
Shopping Tips
Diet plan (and explanation)

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