Monday, March 21, 2011

my plans on planning

Perhaps you noticed yesterday's post was lacking some vital information: my meal plan.  Oh, you didn't notice?  This is the second time in six months you've visited my blog?  Right.  So it's just me then.  Well, that's a relief!  That means what I'm about to propose will probably influence/excite me more than you, whoever you are...

I've been planning my meals based on themes for the past who-knows-how-long, and with much success!  No, I do not always stick to the plan.  But I don't stray too far from the planned genre du jour either.  It's been nice knowing that at least something in my life is somewhat organized, and I don't have to play the dreaded "what's for dinner" game unless I'm feeling peckishly frisky.  And so I've decided to bring a little planning into my posting!  And I'm ok being the only one excited about it ;)

Meal Plan Monday
Tipsy Tuesday
Wordless Wednesday
Food-for-Thought Thursday
Feature Friday

I'll now be sharing my meal plans with the world wide web on Monday rather than Sunday.  Anyone still interested in linking their meal plans OR recipes, let me know and I'll bring the link-up back.  Tuesday will be used for sharing any kind of kitchen tips/tricks, including healthification suggestions and the like.  We'll see how Wednesday works out, but I'd like to have some kind of picture posted (because this poor blog is seriously lacking in photos).  Whether that photo is taken by me or found elsewhere on the internet will depend entirely on where the wind blows that day.  Thursday will be recipe day.  Either made-up recipes by yours truly, or adaptations of others' (aka. healthified).  And Friday.  Friday is fun day!  Friday is the day I'll feature blogs, recipes, products, books, etc.  It's the day I'm most excited about :)  I can share/show off all my fancy kitchen utensils, cookbooks, etc.  Yeah, baby.

So be excited!  Or not (see last sentence of paragraphs #1-2).  *B

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