Tuesday, March 22, 2011

freeze your greens

It is still March, right?  I haven't gone and missed all of April or anything...  Well, in honor of the month o' green, I thought we'd start our first Tipsy Tuesday talking about everyone's favorite green: spinach!  Oh, you don't like spinach?  How unfortunate.  Because it really is worth your liking :)

Now, my little family "likes" spinach.  I love it in a salad, my husband tolerates it, and my children (loudly) acknowledge its existence.  I love it in soups, and I love it steamed.  My husband tolerates it in soup, and he only likes it steamed if bacon is involved.  My kids like love bacon.  So why do we buy the huge bag of spinach from Costco?

More often than not, we drink our spinach!  I'm addicted to green drinks.  And my husband/offspring?  They love it!  Seriously.  Both of my kids request green drinks.  And when they hear my blender whirring, they start doing little happy dances.  I love that they love it, almost as much as (if not more than) the drink itself.  I'll be sure to post a recipe soon, alongside a pic of some of the cutest green mustaches you've ever seen ;)

So, back to the freezing.  If you've ever had good intentions of eating your greens, and end up buying them in bulk, only to find out that it's not so easy eating that huge bag of spinach before it goes bad, then you're not alone.  Been there, done that.  But, there is a solution!  Freeze those leaves.  Here's what I do: Stuff two HUGE handfuls of spinach into one freezer bag.  I get about 10 freezer bags' worth of frozen spinach out of one large bulk bag.  Pop them into the freezer and they're good to go, all fresh and ready for all those yummy soups, drinks and the like.

Going green has never been cooler.  *B


Jen said...

Never thought about that before. I need to start doing that when i have excess.

Amy said...

Oh my kids love smoothie drinks too...except that I can't handle them actually green, so I add enough strawberries, blueberries or whatever I have on hand to my spinach to at least get to purple or maybe even pink!

But I DID just throw some spinach out this morning when blending away...gotta freeze!!!

Anonymous said...

So from my bountiful baskets I received Swiss chard. What am I supposed to do with that! Well my kids have come across food coloring a while back and love to color their pancakes, but I have recently put a stop to food dye. so this morning I blendered up some swiss chard and substituted 1/3 of the milk with the puree and had very green pancakes and a little added nutrition. They couldn't tell a difference in the taste.


Janelle said...

Jason and I want to know if you wash it before freezing or afterward?

Summers Camp said...

Mandi, that is a great idea! Thanks for sharing :) And I don't wash my spinach, because I buy the triple-washed bagged spinach. But if I were to buy the bunches of spinach (which are maturer leaves, and are a little more earthy in flavor), then I would wash (and dry) them prior to freezing. *B