Tuesday, March 29, 2011

the magical fruit

We're talking beans, people!  Legumes are as nutrient dense as they are cheap, making them a worthwhile addition to your meals.  I use them regularly in soups, salsa, salads and even baked goods, like my super yummy not-so-guilty chocolate muffins!  You really must try them, they seriously are a big hit anytime I make them.  Seriously.  Anyway, so beans are good for you.  Very good for you.  But, they can sometimes be a little hard on your tummy...

To mitigate unpleasant side effects, simply drain and rinse your canned beans.  For bagged beans, discard the soaking water and rinse before cooking.  I like to cook up a big pot of beans to freeze later, so I also throw out my cooking water.  But if you're making soup, just be sure to remove any foam or bubbles that form at the top.

Legumes are low fat, cholesterol free and full of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals (like calcium and iron).  Like I said, very good for you.  So please, eat them.  Not necessarily at every meal... But, the more you eat the better you'll feel!  *B

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Angela said...

We are bean poeple. Not sure if you knew that my Dad owns and opperates a bean mill actually.

Anyway. My mom has recently found that she can subsitute cooked beans that have been put through a food processor and made as smooth as possible for oil in nearly any recipe.

She has tried a number of different typs of food including waffles and desserts, she found that putting it in her poppyseed bread receip was a no no but other than that she can't tell a difference in texture or appearance. She now does BIG batches and keeps it in the fridge so she always has it handy.

Just thought I would pass that bit of info onward. Pretty cool I think.