Friday, July 17, 2015

FSP Weeks 11-13

Sorry for the suuuuper long and unplanned hiatus!  But life happens and plans change ;) With only a few more weeks to go, I felt like I was going about this all wrong; that I needed to simplify.  But for anyone else who is interested in the rest of my 3 month food storage meal plan, here it is:

M: Taco Soup
T: Pot Stickers or Egg Rolls
W: Stuffed Potatoes
Th: Tortellini Alfredo
F: Swedish Beef w/ Rice
Sa: cold cereal

M: Chicken Tacos
T: Beef & Broccoli
W: Biscuits & Gravy
Th: Seafood Lasagna Rolls
F: Chicken Burgers
Sa: cold cereal
Su: Ravioli Soup

M: Empanadas
T: Bourbon Chicken
W: Shepherd's Pie (Borgia)
Th: Quinoa Pizza Bites
F: Beef Stroganoff
Sa: cold cereal
Su: Crab/Salmon Crepes

As for breakfast, lunch and snacks:

M: Oatmeal
T: Egg Scramble
W: Rice Porridge
Th: Quiche
F: Overnight Oats
Sa: Egg Scramble
Su: Granola

1. Chicken/Tuna Salad
2. Tortilla Roll-ups
3. Beans on Toast
4. Muffin/Cookie
5. AB & Honey
6. PB & Jam
7. Leftovers

1. Crackers w/ Hummus
2. Granola/Protein Bar
3. Muffin/Cookie
4. Fruit/Veggies
5. Smoothie
6. Trail Mix
7. Popcorn

Sorry, no shopping list!  I'll update with recipes when I can.  *B

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