Thursday, February 01, 2007

Shopping List, Part I (February)

Make your personal changes; adding and subtracting to this list as needed. And don't forget to check up on what you already have, etc. (shopping tips). If I forgot anything, I'll just make a note in the comments section, m'k? Oh, and just a head's up: this is your more expensive grocery trip, where the bulk of the stuff you'll need comes from. The second trip will only be 30 dollars, give or take... Happy shopping!

  • frozen veggies (C)
  • frozen fruit-2 (C)*
  • lettuce (C)
  • bananas (C)*
  • broccoli
  • bell peppers-3
  • zucchini
  • squash
  • onions (C)
  • tomatoes
  • celery*
  • garlic, if needed
  • Froze. Chicken (C)
  • Froze. Salmon (C)
  • sliced turkey (C)*
  • sliced ham (C)*
  • turkey bacon*
  • tofu-2 (C)*
  • peanut butter (C)*
  • Cheese (C)
  • Egg whites (C)*
  • yogurt (TJ)*
  • cottage cheese*
Grains- whole wheat*:
  • English Muffins*
  • Bagels (C)*
  • pasta (TJ)
  • flour*
  • canned mushrooms (C)
  • can green chilies
  • rice milk (TJ) - or substitute milk, both of which can be bought at a reasonable price at (C)
  • dried fruit & nut medley (C)*
  • broth/bouillon (chicken and beef, if you don't have it on hand)
  • can black beans
  • mustard
  • honey
  • protein powder (C/TJ)*
  • apple sauce*
  • raw almonds (C)*
  • large can of diced tomatoes-2
  • olive oil, if needed (C)
  • Italian dressing/recipe mix
  • canned tuna (C)*
  • canned chicken (C)*
  • canned pineapple*

C = Costco or some other warehouse
TJ = Trader Joe's; great prices for health-nut food!
*NOTE*: if you plan on following the diet or making the protein shakes and/or protein bars, etc. (all of which we follow every day).

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