Monday, June 13, 2011

Meal Plan: 6/13 - 6/19

I can't believe we survived last week!  Just barely, sheesh.  The Summer vs. the Summers family.  Yikes.

Mexican Monday: awesome meatless chili w/ avocado chunks
Oriental Tuesday: veggie stir fry w/ spicy peanut sauce
Twisted Wednesday: banana walnut pancakes w/ homemade vanilla yogurt
Authentic Thursday: eggplant parmigiana w/ brown rice pasta
TGIFriday: salmon burgers w/ grilled veggies & watermelon smoothies
Super Saturday: curried cashew salad w/ strawberry frozen yogurt for dessert
Special Sunday: FATHER'S DAY (at the folks)

Upcoming recipe: undecided.  I'm leaning (rather heavily) toward overnight oats.  Or maybe my less-sugar strawberry preserves...  Decisions, decisions!  *B

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