Tuesday, June 07, 2011

going halfsies

I hate oatmeal.  Pretty sure I've said that before...  I've tried to make oatmeal from scratch for my kids with little success, and I wasn't going to force them to eat something I couldn't.  The only kind I can choke down is the sugary instant kind that comes in individual packets.  So, nowadays I buy said packets.  I read the ingredients and buy what's best on the shelf (I prefer the store brand from Fresh & Easy), then I combine all the packets into one container.  When the eldest has a bowl of oatmeal, I just eyeball a packet's worth of oatmeal and then I add a handful of rolled oats (I prefer Coach's Oats, which we get at Costco).  Half sugary-instant, half wholesome.  I do the same thing for cold cereal: half honey-nut Cheerios, half regular Cheerios.  I mix my white and wheat flours when I bake, too.  Same goes for white/brown rice, and white/wheat pasta, etc.  The ultimate goal is to eat wholesome foods.  But eating half-some is better than none-some.  *B

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Lolly Jane said...

So true! Great post Beth :)