Thursday, September 16, 2010

a post to keep you posted

Just in case you were twiddling your thumbs, wondering if I were sitting on mine... I'm not!  And no, I have not gone back into hiding ;)  In the past, when this bloggity blog came into existence, I would post recipes willy-nilly.  Not so anymore.  Nowadays I only like to post fail-proof and taste-tested recipes.

I'll have you know, I cook like my mom.  For example, if I bring a pot of soup over to a potluck and everyone raves and HAS to have the recipe... well, chances are high I don't have one.  I don't measure; I just add and dump, mix and taste.  Repeat.  My cousin finds it infuriating.  So I'm trying to be better about coming up with actual recipes.  Recipes where you, and I, can (re)create with some sort of guarantee that it'll turn out.

Currently tweaking:
  • wannabe taco meat
  • ravioli bisque
  • various crepe fillings
  • after-school snack ideas
  • caramel apple crisp
  • pumpkin spice granola
Oh, and I've been taking pictures!  It's much more exciting/entertaining/alluring to see pictures of food on a food blog, don't you think?  I concur.  *B


Anonymous said...

Is it so bad that I want to cook stuff as good as the two of you?


jana mae said...

I LOVE this blog. It's helping me to finally reach some personal goals I have made. Thank you. Please continue... I'm loving it! --I'll even send you a few dollars... to contribute to new creations and whatnot. ;)