Tuesday, August 03, 2010

back to the basics

So I'm trying to get back into the habit of meal planning.  The past year or so has been a serious rollercoaster... and instead of turning to meals as a source of solidity, it was one of the first things to go.  It's easier to eat better when you have a plan.  For this week's Personal Goal, I want to make AND keep my meal plan.  If it's on the plan, it's being made!  And eaten.  No more insta-meals a la microwave.  No more last minute take-out.  This week we are sitting down to good, healthy, homemade meals!  Ideally, it should always be like this.  Hopefully, this week will be the catalyst for many happy weeks to come :)

That being said, I've decided that we need to eat less meat.  Say what?!  You read right.  Less meat.  Back in college, I came up with a food guide pyramid based off of the Word of Wisdom.  So many times we get hung up on the no smoking/drinking business.  But we forget, or fail to see, that it is a divinely designed diet.  A diet that consists mainly of the fruit of the earth: grains, vegetables, fruit, and legumes.  Yes, it also says to eat meat.  But it says to eat it sparingly.  Of course, sparingly is subject to one's personal opinion/definition.  But it is my personal opinion that our society eats too much meat and has created a species that is addicted to it.  Did you know that meat, and dairy, causes a plethora of health problems?   That's another topic for another day...  I'm getting side-tracked.  What I'm saying is that I think we should focus less on meat and more on veggies et al.  Now, if you're seriously craving a steak, then by all means, eat it!  Listen to your body and it will tell you what you need.

If you've made it this far, you're probably saying "get off your soap box and give me the dang meal plan!"  So here it is.  If you think I've gone totally bonkers and you want your meat gosh-darn-it!, then please, feel free to add it in.  But you might be surprised to find that most of these meals, if not all of them, are downright tasty as is!

Mexican Mondaymeatless chili w/ corn muffins
Oriental Tuesday: veggie stir fry w/ noodles & peanut sauce
Twisted Wednesday: potato bar w/ stew leftovers
Authentic Thursday: rice pasta w/ olive tapenade
TGIFriday: black bean burgers w/ sweet potato fries
Special Saturday: DATE NIGHT!!!
Super Sunday: shish kabobs on the barbie

I will try my darndest to post these recipes and link to them when I can!  Be back soon.  *B


Nick and Ashley said...

k- I'm ready to jump with you. No meat... What do you sub for it? I need protein! And I already have bean burros for lunch. Really, I'll have to take one of your meals at a time, but look forward to your meal plans!

Nick and Ashley said...

By the way, YOUR PICS were SUPER cute!

Maggie said...

I'm excited to see some new healthy recipes on here! We may try some of your recipes next week, I've already done the shopping for this week. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and love of good food!