Tuesday, April 23, 2013

frozen yogurt

We keep our yogurt frozen because our fridge is usually too full and there's no room left...  We also limit our daily dairy intake, so I like to freeze our yogurt as a type of longer term food storage.  But practical reasons aside, my kids love it frozen as a special treat.

I know a lot of people who indulge in a bowl of ice-cream before bed.  If that works for you, great!  But if you're watching what you eat and are looking for healthier alternatives, try frozen yogurt.  I'm not talking about a carton of frozen yogurt, found in the frozen foods isle next to the ice-cream.  I'm talking about single serving yogurt cartons, popped in the freezer.  It'll  help curb your cravings, and your waistline ;)  Especially if you're the type that struggles with "just one more bite"...  *B


Robin said...

Good idea! But what's the texture like when you eat it?

{B}dreamy said...

It depends. If you eat it straight from the freezer, it's kinda icy. But if you let it sit for a bit, it's smooth and creamy. You can also let it defrost on the counter or in the fridge and then eat it like normal yogurt. We like it all three ways ;) *B