Tuesday, April 26, 2011

soak your veggies

Sometimes I waste my vegetables.  Sad story, but true.  Lots of times I have the best of intentions, so I buy lots of veggies.  Then a week (or two) later, I end up throwing out half of what I bought!  Today's tip may not be earth shattering, but consider it a refresher on how to freshen up those limp veggies...  Soak 'em.  Vegetables consist of 70-90% water.  When your celery stalks start to slacken, or your broccoli turns to rubber, don't toss them in the trash!  Toss them in a container of water, instead.  They just need a little TLC in the form of H2O.  *B

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Jen said...

Wow thats a good tip :)