Sunday, January 09, 2011

how to cook tofu, part II

I did it!!!  I discovered the secret to making tofu taste less like.... tofu.  And I simultaneously figured out how to make it more firm, and.... meaty.  Total tofu success, my friends :)  The last time I prepped tofu, I squished it flat.  And then I cut it all up into little tiny (cute?) cubes.  Half of it I browned in a skillet with butter.  The other half I froze.  Fast forward to last Tuesday: I threw in my frozen cubes of tofu alongside my frozen veggies and cooked up your basic stir fry.  And then I topped it all with peanut sauce.  You can never go wrong with peanut sauce.  And you know, it tasted better than the last time I smothered tofu in peanut sauce!  The only difference was that I used frozen tofu this time around.  So that's the secret: frozen tofu.  Press it.  Cube it.  Freeze it.  Cook it.  Eat it.  The end.

I'm going to try boiling it next.  But I am so pleased with the results a la freezer, I'm tempted to forego the boiling and call it good.  Nonetheless, I will prevail!  And as always, I'll keep you posted.  *B

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