Tuesday, April 01, 2008

i'm so not kidding

which is weird, because I'm a HUGE tease. But I'm just not feeling it today (of all days!!!). Oh well. However, I have this idea... the goal for the month: dine in, not out. I'm dead serious. So serious that I even made myself a button to remind me of my intentions. We need to save money. We need to be healthy.
How 'bout you? Anyone want to join me??? Feel free to grab the logo and then proudly display it, wherever it will be of service to you and your ambitions. We could be, like, a support group for each other, or something. No joke. *B


Playful Professional said...

What about if I dine out but choose healthier items like salads instead of a burger and fries. I can't not eat out (it's part of my job), but I can make better decisions. I like this idea.

The Barber Bunch said...

WE are trying to eat better. I am dragggin my kicking and screaming Husband with me!

I got a few posts about in my Blog. Check it out if you have a few minutes!

Love your Blog!

Chelsea said...

What kinds of snacks does your little boy like? No kids yet (of course), but I am always thinking about this kind of thing...healthy kid snacks for my healthy future children.

Chelsea said...

P.S. I went to high school with you, but I don't think you actually know me. :)

Chelsea said...
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