Monday, November 20, 2006

solely recipes; for the soul

I just had to add that last bit as a tagline! Ha!

I've decided to create yet another blog. While this will most likely be similar to others in its witty banter, its sole purpose matches that of a recipe box. Yes my friends, this is a world of meals for y'all! In case your mind is on the fritz but you'd like a meal while putting on the ritz, you've come to the wrong place! I take that back... maybe by some freak chance I will post a fancy schmancy recipe to wow your palates. But what's more likely is that I will post easy, money-friendly meals that I made that very day! Each post will be about my prepared meal du jour, with accompanying ingredients and directions!

Feel free to comment on anything that does or doesn't work for you. A lot of these will be created out of my imagination. However, a lot of them will be from cookbooks or other recipes from friends and family that I try. I guess it will just give you an idea of how I prepare my meals, what with little room and moolah that we have! And hopefully it will provide you with some ideas of your own, just in case.... What fun, eh? Oy!!!


Anonymous said...

Beth, I love you! This is the answer to all my complaints! And I didn't even have to complain to you about it.

Jason and I are completely and totally bored and sick of our "favorites" list and I hate searching for new recipes (because should test the recipes before they can be posted -- everything I have tried from there has been discusting, as well as every other recipe I find online. grrrr). Now I don't have to search! And you cook the way I do -- throw a few things together and let it cook, i.e. simple.

If I can make a request: meals for two. If you have found any that are wonderful, I (and Jason, too) would love suggestions. This is such a great idea, Beth! I love it!

As for your "witty banter," I love that too. Your posts are so fun to read.

Summers Camp said...

I love, but I'm always careful to check out the reviews on any recipe. And most of my meals are for two, with seconds or left-overs in mind. So I hope this will work for you, seeing as we do have different tates in food (remember, sweets vs. veggies?)!

Anonymous said...

sweets vs veggies!! I don't know anyone who will munch on green beans if they had the choice of cho-chip cookies!! (especially my cho-chip cookie recipie--it makes 6 doz!! yee-haw!) Well, maybe you would. And now that I think about it, I have - but they were fresh green beans.

But I am getting better with my veggies -- as long as they're in something (casserole/stew/whatever) or smothered in butter & still somewhat crunchy, yummmm. although, a few of our veggie differences will probably always remain: I could never eat an eggplant. sorry. but you'd be proud of me...I had my first vegetable "garden" this summer. (granted, it only had spring (green)onions, but I looked for excuses to use them!)

I can do sweets with no problem, it's the meals that I have issues I think this will work great.

Anonymous said...

oh, do you remember that meal you and Brad made when Jason and I came over for dinner (back in Rexburg)? It was the one with really, really good peanut sauce and red peppers. If you do, I would love to have it. It was the perfect size and I have yet to find another meal that had peanut sauce as good as that!

Summers Camp said...

MMMM, veggies... anyway, I'm very proud of you! I fondly remember those moments when you'd come to me, all sick-like, and I'd get after you for not eating your greens! And yes, I do remember the meal I made for you guys. It took forever; but I have a great peanut sauce recipe that I use frequently. No worries, that will show up shortly.