Tuesday, March 26, 2013

to cut, or not to cut

I know we've talked about coupons before...  And I know a lot of people who love couponing and have simple to elaborate systems that really work for them.  My suggestion is to only use coupons on food(s) you’ll actually eat, otherwise you’re wasting your money/time.  A better option is to use coupons that save you money after you spend a certain amount.  It motivates you to shop less throughout the week for single items, while saving those coupons for a real shopping trip.  *B


Jeremy Borgia said...

You should check out the iPhone app, ibotta. It gives you money back for taking polls, reading info, etc. about the products you bought. We look at it before we go shopping to see if there's anything we'd be getting anyway.

{B}dreamy said...

I'll have to look into that, thanks! *B